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Stately Taurus Continued – New Information on Cyberespionage Attacks against Myanmar Military Junta

On January 23rd, CSIRT-CTI published a blogpost describing a pair of campaigns believed to be launched by Stately Taurus (alias Bronze President, Camaro Dragon, Earth Preta, Mustang Panda, Red Delta, TEMP.Hex and Luminous Moth) against the Myanmar military junta. Subsequently, additional observations were made by Palo Alto Networks’s Unit 42, suggesting that the ubiquity of the campaigns targeting Myanmar may […]

Stately Taurus Targets Myanmar Amidst Concerns over Military Junta’s Handling of Rebel Attacks

The recent ethnic rebel attacks in Myanmar have put the Myanmar junta and surrounding countries on high alert. Since October 2023, a rebel alliance called the Three Brotherhood Alliance (3BHA) has been attacking Myanmar’s military across its northern regions, reportedly seizing its junta outposts and military positions. This activity has been cause of concern to China, as important trade routes […]